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Financial Services




We take a holistic approach to evaluating and understanding our clients’ business operations and corporate structure. The 30,000 ft. view often reveals areas of concern that require the expertise of specialists outside of our core competencies. We have a network of specialists that we call upon when needed.


We identify aspects of your business where you are at risk or vulnerable to a financial setback that could have a significant impact on you or your company which you are not currently aware of. Within this context, we like to say “you don’t know what you don’t know”.


We analyze and review your life, health and group insurance, pension plans and investment to reveal any problematic clauses and/or elements that may put you at disadvantage. These “defects” are not readily apparent.


The driving force behind the business is you and your team. As long as you are all able to play your roles in the functioning of the company it will continue to thrive. Making you bulletproof simply means you are financially invulnerable to:

  • Anything that would prevent a key person from contributing temporarily or permanently (excluding market forces)

  • Poor tax planning or inefficient corporate structure

  • Unprotected assets - corporate and/or personal

The money machine is the company, the “apparatus” that generates the profits, as well as the key people within it, including in many cases the founder, that make it a productive and profitable enterprise.


When your employees are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. If they believe you care about them and their overall well-being, it will inspire them to become engaged in the work they do. We help you make them feel taken care of by providing insurance programs and benefits for them and their families.


This is a financial strategy that uses a permanent, funded insurance policy and a loan in which interest is capitalized over time. The debt is repaid on death with funds generated within the insurance policy. This results in a no-cost insurance policy and offers many other fiscal advantages and benefits to the estate of the owners and/or insured individuals.

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