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A Multi-Provider Benefits Program
Designed to strengthen your employees' benefits plans

This is not the traditional cookie-cutter approach, which usually is one carrier that supports all benefits. 

This program specialized services and products and has the ability to customize your employee benefits program will enable your organization to transform the program to reflect your employees benefit needs .


Employee Assistance Programs

Mental Health  Programs

Low-cost Initiatives

The Platform

A unique digital platform that enables employers to manage their benefit plan that stimulates 
efficiently and cost-effective benefit plans. This helps employee productivity by keeping them engaged and healthy.

  • Single sign-in employer portal
    Enter the information once and let our platform do the rest. Eliminate redundancies for your HR department with our countless integrations and connections to industry-wide providers.
  • Data-driven expertise
    With years of experience combined with cutting-edge software, the result is a platform that provides employers with true integrated solutions. Create a stable long-term group benefits plan
  • Tangible savings
    Employers are at the core of our solutions, and we have partnered with TELUS Health to eliminate unnecessary costs.The fees for health and dental claims administration are on average 40% lower than the market – and you only pay for your group’s actual claims.
  • A new approach to rising drug costs
    Healthcare costs are higher than ever, so why not use our cost containment solutions to promote smarter utilization while keeping employees engaged?
  • Disrupting the group insurance industry!
    Change is good – that’s how our foundation was built. Bringing benefits management to a new space, in answer to challenges that are a reality for organizations: Improving plan design Attracting & retaining top talent Maintaining a stable budget
  • Intelligent Consumption™
    This proprietary algorithm is designed to target small recurring claims and influence consumer habits that translate to improved plan stability and tangible savings.
  • Employee Engagement
    Facilitates communication with participants through digital health and wellness awareness campaigns. Discover how you can maximize your employee benefits plan to create a culture of health.

What sets us apart?

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Focus on what matters

Your company's success is enhanced when you maintain a happy and productive workforce 
Our platform offers your organization the flexibility to design an employee benefits program that reflects their real needs, facilitates access to services, and thereby increases employee satisfaction.

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